Ryan Løkken is a Danish filmmaker and commercial director
known for his 
distinctive emotional and visual style. 

In his youth Ryan began making shorts in the rural outskirts of 'Thy',

located in the north western part of the country where he grew up.
In 2011 he moved to Copenhagen where his professional 
filmmaking career took off,
finding his voice while working at various agencies and shooting shorts and
music videos on the side.
In 2016, he wanted to challenge the norms and experiment with improvisation
and immersive storytelling, which drove him to fund his own feature film
‘The Road to Siberia’ which he and his twin brother shot across Europe
alongside 4 talented actors. 

Between directing jobs Ryan also works as an editor and has edited
several international campaigns, for brands like Coca Cola, Google &
Skullcandy,  all of which has helped bring experience into his 
storytelling as a director.


+45 24 40 93 43

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